Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Bouldering Competition

Eva has been doing indoor climbing for over two years, but today was her first competition.  Competition involves climbing various marked routes up different man made boulders.  Each route defines where you are permitted to place your hands and feet, and is market by the colored tape.  The routes are each given a score based on difficulty.  The difficulty corresponds to a standard scale, V0 - V15 (actually I am not certain the top of the scale).  The competition lasts for 4 hours (in today's case) and you get points for the five hardest routes you climb during that time.  You get a 10% bonus for climbing a route without error on your first try (called 'flashing').  Eva's five hardest routes were two V3s, two V2s and a V1.  She flashed three of her hardest routes, including the hardest V3 she climbed.  

Overall Eva came in 4th in the 10 and under age group in the competition.  

As always, double click each photo for a larger version.


Charity said...

That is super awesome! way to go Eva!!!

Tehan said...

Wow. Way to go Eva!!! That is impressive. Man. You have my respect. see you Friday for Halloween.