Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can you even see Eva up there???

Eva made a new friend on her climbing team this summer and the girls have started climbing together on Sundays. It is *excellent* because they can belay each other instead of having a parent belay to exhaustion.

Eva is climbing a route designed as 5.8 in terms of difficulty. I have no idea what that means specifically but I am sure I could not do it.
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Nancy said...

Hey there Cathleen. 5.8 is great. 11 is the highest, so I think she's doing quite well!

I hope you all weren't there a few Sundays ago when my friend Jeff fell. He was on the auto belay when he forgot to clip back in and fell 30 feet. I heard it was horrible to see. It has been horrible these past couple of weeks, tracking his progress and his setbacks. Today, his right foot was amputated because it was too horribly damaged to repair. UGH!