Saturday, October 29, 2011

Eva's #ABS Bouldering Comp - 2nd Place Female Youth C

Eva moved up an age level in her bouldering competitions this year from Youth D to Youth C. She was very worried that being on the young end of a new group would make her non competitive. Today at least this concern was unfounded. She climbed stronger than ever, and had her personal best point total. She made several very difficult climbs that I know she could not have made at the end of last season. She has been doing a lot of strength training with her climbing team, and her increased power was really evident on several climbs today. The comp today was at the Philadelphia Rock Gym (#PRG) in Oaks, Pennsylvania. We prefer the other PRG gym, but I thought the routes today were very good. There were a lot of routes in Eva's skill zone, and they played to different strengths. I thought the judging was good, and the scoring at the end of the meet was quick.

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