Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lyra's Belated Birthday Party

Poor Lyra is born on January 1 which means that her birthday will be forever celebrated with a hangover, holiday fatigue and probably no birthday party unless she plans it herself.  I could not muster energy to get any sort of party with friends together until February.  Everything was either booked or hugely expensive or just more work than I could manage. Lyra was NOT going to forget that she hadn't had a party either.  I held out hope for awhile but she considered her birthday not to have happened because she hadn't had a party with her friends.  Somehow the party with family did not count. 

I finally talked with the paint-your-own-pottery place in Old Town, Paint This, and they saved the birthday! They were GREAT.  I didn't have too much trouble scheduling, they saved out the pieces the kids were to paint, and I just brought in our food and everyone met us there. The kids painted little cupcake boxes that are just adorable. Except Will, he painted a box shaped like a tank to hold his Katana soldiers. The kids were ready to run after about an hour and a half and there's a school playground not too far away from there. I do believe this was the easiest birthday party I have ever organized! We kept it small...just five friends plus Lyra, Will and Eva...and I suppose that is one reason it was easy.

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