Friday, December 24, 2010

Gingerbread houses...REMODELED!

This didn't turn out to be the ordeal I feared it might be. There was
only minor swearing this morning before the kids were up while I
ascended the learning curve in assembling the houses. But then I
figured it out and decorating was a lot of fun!

Will's house has the snowcaps and M&Ms on the roof. Lyra's is right
next to it. Mine has the icing roof tiles...I had hoped for a red and
white theme but didn't have quite as many red decorations available as
I would have liked. Eva's has the pretty flower cookie on the side.
The last house was an extra one since Bill declined to decorate (maybe
next year we'll get him!). Eva wanted to do a Nativity scene but I
hadn't factored that into the cookies I cut from the gingerbread
scraps. So we have the stable (No Vacancy!) and just Mary and Baby
Jesus. Everyone else is out for a walk.

We all need to go brush and floss now. Merry Christmas!!!

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