Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Scoop on Tough Mudder - Pre-Event

The Tough Mudder is an event (not a race b/c they don't track everyone's time) to test all around fitness, strength, stamina, physical and mental endurance.  All proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.  My friends, Tara, Rebecca and I completed the Tri-State Tough Mudder in New Jersey this past Sunday.  This particular TM was 12.1 miles up and down and around the Old Bridge Township Raceway and involved 18 obstacles of varying difficulty including a 15 foot leap into an icy lake, wading through a long and frigid stretch of mud, running between two stretches of flames and running through a string of electric wires. Those are just the obstacles that I dreaded...there were a lot more and you can read about the course details on the TM site.  Certainly this event was a test of my worst fears...heights, drowning and fire.  I think the only that would have made it worse would have been something involving bugs.  That would have been a deal-breaker.

We drove up on Saturday stayed at the Spring Hill Suites in Ewing NJ which was just LOVELY!  We nearly skipped TM just to hang out at the hotel.  To alleviate anxiety and better prepare for the ridiculous weather and track conditions, we went shopping for warmer clothes and tape for our ankles.  Tried to get compression socks too but the kids at Sports Authority were confused by the word "compression."  We ate dinner at a funky local pizza place that I couldn't find again if you paid me, then we spent the rest of the evening glued to the computer looking for info and advice from people who had already run their TM.  This activity provided alternating bursts of panic and relief.  We tried to sleep as best we could.

Sunday was a gorgeous day but FREEZING, even colder than Saturday.  I was sick with dread at the thought of jumping into an icy pond and seriously worried that we might end up in the hospital (I can post this now that the event is done and has a happy ending).  We all agreed to stay together, not to leave an injured teammate until she had all appropriate medical care, and that we'd all go to any ER trip because it would be warm there! (and of course to provide moral support).

Here are the "Before" photos!  Do you just love our beanies?  We did!  These are what divers use to keep their heads warm in the water and they really do work.

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