Monday, September 06, 2010

Migis Lodge Vacation Video! Water Skiing & Other Maine Fun

Here's five minutes of video which hopefully reflects all the fun we had at Migis Lodge last week.  You can tell the kids liked the water skiing *a lot.* This was the first year Will was really able to ski and he did great, improving very quickly after he figured out how to stand up.  If you have a good internet connection, the video is best viewed at 720p (HD).

Of course many of our activities did not make the video: Eva and Cath swimming to Picnic Island for Wednesday lunch, Eva teaching Lyra the "man overboard" drill in a kayak, the liberal use of our first aid kit, Will and Bill kayaking to 'blueberry island', our trips to Portland (and lunch at Duckfat!) and Will's obsessive watching of sensational TV masquerading as education on the History Channel.

As always, the team at Migis made this a wonderful and memorable vacation.  

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