Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Salad Bar

We have some pretty flowers blooming out back as well as mint that is
threatening to overtake the garden, so I finally cut some to bring in
the house. The cats immediately came to check out what they believe
to be their "Salad Bar." Perhaps the mint is a close enough relative
to catnip to be interesting. We don't have any catnip growing because
Sabu, our previous cat, was a teetotaler. But maybe I should plant
some for KC and Noelle to enjoy.

Posted via email from Cathleen Phelps


Anonymous said...

If they like mint, chances are they will like catnip - my cats like both. There seem to be variations in catnip, though - I have two plants that look the same to me, but the cats know the difference - will sleep on top of one of them, but the other is the one that drives them to ecstacy. hlb

Michael Bergin said...

We lost our beloved kitty last year so it makes me very happy to see your two beauties enjoying themselves.