Saturday, April 10, 2010

Triangle Rock Club SCS Comp

Eva competed in her third 2010 Sport Climbing Series competition today at Triangle Rock Club in Raleigh, NC.  SCS is a top roping competition where competitors are tied into a safety rope in case of a fall, in contrast to bouldering where competitors climb lower walls, but are not roped in and just depend on pads to cushion any falls.  Eva much prefers bouldering, and would rather fall onto a pad than fall and be caught in her harness by a rope.  In spite of top roping not being her favorite type of climbing competition, Eva did well.  She placed 2nd in Youth D, and we think the girl in first place was a year older (Eva has one more year in this her current age group).  Triangle Rock Club is smaller than our home gym, but was very nice, and the competition was run well.  There were 80 competitors, but the belayers/judges were efficient and waits for each climb were pretty short.  Eva made her required five climbs in the first 2 1/2 hours, and was pretty much exhausted after that.  She really needs to learn to eat better on competition days -  a  breakfast of fruit loops and a Belgian waffle doesn't create sustainable energy for competition. 

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