Sunday, May 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Will!

I have had a lot of trouble getting birthday parties together for the kids. Will takes care of this by planning his own. To celebrate turning 11, Will decided he wanted to have Capture the Flag birthday at the park complete with nerf guns and general mayhem. He drafted rules (since there are lots of variations in this game) and drew a map of the park for his friends to see in advance. We had a total of 12 children (though Eva wasn't there the whole time). Great fun was had by all despite the foul weather. It was about 60 degrees and rained lightly through the whole game. The advantage of this was that no one else was at the park so the boys did not run roughshod over any children, small or otherwise. I think the red team was the overall winner. We trekked back to the house for cake.

Now I have to figure out Eva's birthday....her plans are often more elaborate and, as a result, don't come to fruition as frequently.


Anonymous said...

I think you got that backwards. It was the white team that won!!

Anonymous said...

The white team rocks , from Caldwell Munk