Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Piano

It feels like Will just had a piano recital but this weekend, he had another one. Will played a short piece by Haydn (Sonatina in C Major, H. XVI No. 7).

I wish I could have recorded some of the other students but Lyra was a handful and I had to take her out. I listened to most of the recital from outside the door and from downstairs in the reception hall. Bill was attending a school event and not able to help me out. There was some beautiful music going on, Mendelssohn, a fantastic Sonata by Prokofiev and a Beethoven Concerto. One little boy played Schumann's Fantasy Dance. This is a piece I once played in a recital, although I was quite a bit older...He is 8 and I was probably 12.

I think there is one more recital before we break for summer. Stay tuned!

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