Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A new record

Two flat tires in 10 days. I do not know where I am picking up all the road debris. It is terrible!

A nice couple beeped at me to tell me my tire was low. I had noticed it was harder than usual to pull out of my parking place but driving had been ok, no "whoppa whoppa whoppa" sounds." I pulled into the nearest gas station but since it was, in fact a gas station and not a service station, they could not help me. Fortunately roadside assistance was pretty quick. My spare was rather flat too but I drove to a service station anyway (whoppa whoppa whoppa) figuring if I bent the rim on my spre it would be less expensive than bending the rim on my regular tire.

All's well that ends well. Lyra has been a trooper about all this. I have been horribly unproductive today. But it could have been worse...I could have been on the highway or downtown and it could have been raining!

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