Monday, September 29, 2008

When it rains, it pours.

I have not written in a long time. I have great photos from our trip to Maine but I haven't found the energy to figure out where Bill put them so I can upload them here. They are coming, I swear!

The kids are back to school and it took a good two weeks to get into the new routine. It is hard having to get up early especially now that the days are, very noticeably, getting shorter. Lyra started preschool and just loves it! She is the one who had the easiest time.

But we are still swamped with back to school activities and other junk through October. Bill left on a business trip to Rome. In one week, my Amex number was stolen and I had to replace it, I lost my debit card and had to replace it, my part-time nanny had to take a full-time job with someone else, Lyra has an ear infection, my cellphone was lost/stolen (unclear which) and I am awaiting a replacement for that AND I had a flat tire (AGAIN). To top it off, someone at an event yesterday asked me if I was pregnant! What a funny way to make conversation. I am sure I looked very cute and very un-pregnant at this event, though I did have to call a couple of people for reassurance.

So, this is all to say that things must be looking up for this week! Wish me luck...

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Charity said...

Aww Cathleen you poor thing :( I know those days/weeks/months ...and sometimes years! As you know they do get better. I am sorry to hear about all those things happening especially hearing someone actually was crazy enough to think you looked pregnant (you don't). If you need any help with Lyra during the week ever you can drop her in at my house if needed, just let me know.